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  • The First Inspection

    Photo Apr 23, 12 37 57 PM

    The first inspection is quite the nail biter. Questions and “what-ifs” bounce around my head in preparation for opening the hive the first week after releasing the queen from her cage. Did I squish her? Does she like her new digs? What if all the bees decided to just leave? Opening up the hive and […]

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  • Marking my Queen

    My Instagram Post 07 May 2016

    Clumsily marking my #queenbee today. Now it should be easier to find her during inspections! Let her chill out in a mason jar to let the paint dry while i finished my hive check today, then put her back with her (kind of) loyal subjects! #bees #beekeeping #noideawhatimdoing  

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  • August 2015 Bee Update


    Whew! Summer has flown by and I just have not had the time or motivation to sit down and blog. My apologies, truly, as I love sharing news about my bees and weight loss. Things are finally slowing down here for us so I promise I will put in more effort to update you all. […]

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  • Got Bees? I do!


    After years and years of dreaming about having bees of my own, the day finally came! All of the preparation, the classes, the research, the financial investment all led up to this day — the day my bees came in to the farm in Dresser, Wisconsin. I did not burst out of bed like I […]

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  • Let’s talk about the Flow Hive


    Recently I’ve had some friends sending me links to the Flow Hive and asking me what I think about it. (Ok, maybe they didn’t ask, but I have an opinion about it all the same!) If you haven’t heard of the Flow Hive, it is a new kind of beehive that allows you to harvest […]